Hikkaduwa / Galle



Early morning we boarded the highway bus from Kaduwela and headed towards Galle ( 1 hr 15 min Drive)

Reaching Galle we boarded a bus heading towards Colombo and got off at Hikkaduwa, reason being these buses are fast and we reached Hikkaduwa in less than 20 min.By the time we reached Hikkaduwa the sun was out and shining perfect conditions for snorkeling.


This magnificent underwater ecosystem now declared a Marine National Park is home to over 60 species of corals and 170 species of reef fish, a number of species of sea turtle and other marine creatures.

The snorkeling experience lasted for about 2 hours ,we managed to see only about 5 to 6 different species of fish but was lucky enough to spend some time with the turtles who range from different sizes and age, some even 50 years and older !

Our friends managed to bring cheese sandwiches and Sweet Buns, a meal to beat the sun and weariness from the snorkeling around. As we settled on the beach admiring the beauty of our country.

As I dived underneath the only thing running on my mind was ”Wow this is beautiful”, certainly not an everyday sighting and every one should make the time to discover the beauty of our country and what it has to offer. The Fish underneath didn’t seem to mind the human interaction and didn’t seem to be disturbed by our presence, am guessing they must have gotten used to it as Hikkaduwa receives a lot of tourists during its peak season.

We had no choice but to use the Public washrooms, they charge about Rs 50/= for a change of dress and 100/= if you want to have shower, left me wondering like hell these guys earn a lot!

We got on a bus heading towards Galle, and got off at the main bus halt, from there we decided to eat something simple, We walked into a shop by the side of the road and decided to order rice and curry and the others ordered a portion of fried rice in which they were satisfied with.

The weather started to gloom in and thunder showers were expected during the evening hours, we hurried our way towards the city of rummasala which is about 3 km away from the Galle town, got down at the bus stop and started walking up the steep lane towards the top.

Once we reached the top of the hill we were greeted by an spectacular view of the Galle city, and a few cruise lines and a yacht was also visible in the distance .The view was breath taking so we couldn’t help ourselves but spend the next few minutes snapping pictures of the area surrounding and not forgetting ourselves !

As we reached to the top the rain started to come down on us and unfortunately we couldn’t climb any higher due to wet and slippery terrain and we certainly didn’t want to risk getting hit by a bolt of lightning!

As we made our way downwards towards Jungle Beach in the pouring rain, I was struggling to snap a video for my Instagram story while the others were busy trying not to get wet. Once we reached the entrance to the Beach we couldn’t see much due to the cloudy weather so we decided to stay under shelter waiting for the outpouring weather to cease.

There were a few local beach boys serving alcohol and swaying to the music of their own tracks. We hesitantly decided to climb back up and walked down the hill towards the city taking a much needed coffee break Enroute.

Reaching Galle city by bus we couldn’t help ourselves but to indulge in an ice cream before we depart back to Colombo, so we walked down the streets of Galle in search of an ice cream parlor, and came across by a parlor in the name of “Isle of Gelato” .

The interior of the parlor was well lit and decorated in a cozy manner so we decided to crash in for a couple of minutes there too, making ourselves busy by snapping a few pictures and chilling out for a while !

It was around 8.30 pm when we reached the Galle bus station to board the last highway bus back to Colombo, There were plenty of seats on the large coach so we couldn’t help ourselves with all the free room available .I managed to get in a catnap of a couple of minutes before I was awakened to the sound of hooting near the end of the expressway in Kottawa. We departed our own ways bidding goodbye and returned back home,

Overall the day out was an enjoyable and memorable experience and promised ourselves that we will be doing this very often !

My aim through writing this blog is to encourage users to take some time off their busy schedule and go out there into the world and see what it has to offer. You do not want to miss a moment in life cause you never know if you will live this moment again!